Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Preparation Vent

I believe Weight Loss Wednesday may not happen this week.  It all depends on Isaac.  J, who is with a local sheriff's department, could be called in as early as Mon. AM and so today we are scrambling to prepare.  I hate the scrambling part and it pisses me off that we have to scramble at all because on my end it's all organized.  I've got lists, pre-made hurricane totes with supplies, and more lists.  The one thing that's got me scrambling?  The damn generator.  We purchased a generator after Katrina and for Ike and Gustav that thing was a wonderful thing to have.  It has an electric start so that I'm not struggling with a pull cord, (the men in the family all seem to be in the EMS business and so us womenfolk are on our own) and can power a TV, freezer, microwave, and box fan all at the same time.  Basically it makes you feel like you are living the high life post hurricane while the other poor sots are fanning themselves praying for a non-existent breeze.

Anywhoo, the only thing I entrusted to my mother was the storage of a special generator cord, the charger for the electric start battery and the owner's manual.  I placed these important items in the armoire and told all to leave it there.  Of course it's not there and J, bless his heart, is heading up to the Northshore to set us up.  I'll be evacuating from the Southshore up to the Northshore so I won't be one of those folks you see on the news swimming in the street, unless the lake pours into Mom's place and so I have life vests in the attic along with the axe, (it's something Dad & Paw always had in the attic after hurricane Betsy).  I've given up on the search and J says we will have to go shopping for a new cord.  It's hard enough having to pull everything together to evacuate, but to have to evacuate, prepare J for the stay and then to prepare for us to hunker down is really overwhelming when the best part of the plan, (a generator), is a dud.

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