Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Sick, but still moving.

Remember that house from last week?  You know the one that has about ten years of animal fur and dander build-up?  Well cleaning it has made me sick.  Some say it's the chemicals from the cleaners and others say it's the fur/dust/dander.  Who cares what made it happen the point is I'm sick and I have to keep on working.  So there I am in Home Depot, runny nose, swollen tongue, sore throat, and my left eye is watering uncontrollably and sending tears down my left cheek, trying to do a special order.  The poor man who took my order leaned as far away from me as possible as I blew my nose and croaked out measurements in my new and hopefully temporary man voice.   You would think that being ill and working, (kill me now) that I wouldn't have much of an appetite.  Well Sis #1 is in town to help and is trying to make up for a year without oyster po-boys.  It's been a while since I've seen anything that wasn't fried.  So here we go...

Still working my butt off trying to get this house in shape before Sept. 6th.  Lots of up and down stairs and carrying 48 lb. boxes of flooring.
Averaging 4 glasses a day.
A week of po-boys.
A week of po-boys.
I opted for a shrimp remoulade salad once, (not exactly the best option, but it did have veggies
Starting Weight
Last Week
Current Weight
139 lbs
Weight loss
12 lbs
Dream weight

I'm not unhappy with my .5 lbs.  I think the only reason I've lost weight is because my appetite isn't in high gear seeing how I'm miserable and sick.  Frankly my diet has consisted of allergy pills, bits of po-boys, multi-vitamins, and orange juice.  When Sis #1 heads back home this week : ( I just may lose more weight because the po-boy diet will have to end.


  1. I had a man voice yesterday and now it is gone completely.
    Kinda scary to think of environmental toxins and what they can do to us, huh?
    I am on antibiotics now. Race to see who gets better first? On you mark, get set, GO!

  2. Argh! Blogger ate my comment.

    It said something about environmental toxins and I will race you to see who can get well first.

  3. Never mind. There's the comment after all.