Thursday, August 22, 2013

So friggin cute I had to throw this up here!

If you like animals, (and everyone should), you'll like this!

SO CUTE!  I want a 610 Stomper dog, (the dog in the red satin jacket), or perhaps a cool brass band dog because they actually earn tips.  That little Saintsation is such a diva and of course Rex is just so handsome.  Nah, it's the Cafe Du Monde cat for sure.  Who wouldn't want a cat that can make the, imho, purrrfect cup of coffee?

All righty then, I'm outa here.  I promised I'd take mom to Re-store up in Slidell today.


  1. Every morning I ask our cats to make coffee and yet they never do. Where did I go wrong in raising them?

  2. God help me, I want a corgi more than anything...yet I am afraid of traumatizing my cat, who lives the life of luxury which comes with being the only child.

    Bottom line: I'm being held hostage by a ginger kitty. :)

  3. I just remembered your son's wedding is coming up! Are you getting excited?