Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You have to swear to keep this a secret if you read this post!

    I'm going to throw in a quick post while I can. Here are some of our ideas and personally I think they are awesome, but then when it comes to creativity and costuming I tend to have an ego, (I tend to seek out drag queen approval and get it quite often, which of course strokes my ego because nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than drag queen approval.)  Anywho, if you read this you must swear not to let this cat out of the bag because this is TOP SECRET stuff.  Only four people are in on this because it's going to be a big surprise, so if anyone throws a party with these ideas I'll know you told and the loup garou will come in the middle of the night and eat you for being so bad. : )  I added a smiley face to soften the blow, but make no mistake he will come to all bad children and the worse you are the worse you'll get it. : )

     Okay here goes...  We are making the invitations ourselves and are basing them on my treasured Dr. Bob art.  I just can't see paying someone else to print invitations when I can make something nifty that suits my Yat themed party.

     We have Benny Grunch's newest album as our party favors, and they will be placed in little brown lunch bags printed to look like Schwegman's and K&B bags!!!!  (these articles explain it best: Schwegman's and K&B)I don't have a picture because I left them at Mom's house, but if Sis #2's best friend C and her hubby R, are to be believed they are going to go over HUGE.  C&R wanted me to print out a few for them.  Tiny little shopping bags that bring back fond memories!

     Instead of the boring video, we are doing newspapers styled to look like the 176 year old local paper, The Times-Picayune.  We've included articles about the bride's aunt who is famous for her tea in the food section, and advice column by the couple's dog.  My mom really likes this one and has hounded me to finish all the articles, but ideas come when they come and it will be finished eventually.

    There is more, but I'll save that for another day and because my darling J just purchased an iPhone for me yesterday, (He is so sweet!), I will try to work some technological magic and take and post pics!

PS. Y'all should see all the misspelled words on this post!  Apparently local names, terms and monsters don't do well with spell check.

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  1. Well, I won't tell a soul. Not that I have a soul to tell. :-)