Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Deed is Done

This is how I'm feeling.  A little beat up, but quite like the cat that got the mouse.  It's all good. : )

We've booked the venue and paid for it in full, and I'm not sure about her, but I'm pretty sure The Boy hates it.  Oh well.  I'm not losing any more sleep over this and it's a huge relief to have something set up.  The place is cheap and looks like every other cheap wedding hall, which is exactly what we need.  We have put our money into the entertainment which is AWESOME!

Get this, we've booked BENNY GRUNCH, (a local celebrity)!!  Squeeellll!!!  The guy who sings "Ain't No Place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day," and "The 12 Yats of Christmas!"  We've taken his "Ain't Dere No More," song and made it our theme.  It's a Yat inspired party, with OMG a possible appearance from, and you've got to be a local and old school to appreciate this one, AL SCRAMUZZA!!

OMG y'all when my most awesome husband suggested Benny Grunch because of all the money we're saving and actually was on the phone I started jumping around, actually hyperventilated and burst into tears.  I called Sis #2 and said, "You have to sit down, are you sitting down?"  I dropped that in her lap and OMG she screamed, "NO WAY, THIS IS MY PARTY NOW!"  She burst into tears and kept repeating "OMG," and "I can't believe it."  Well Mom heard all of this and actually ran up the stairs to see what the heck happened.  She thought someone had died unexpectedly.

OMG y'all this is so FREAKIN HUGE!!!  It won't impress the bride-to-be, but The Boy was raised on Benny Grunch concerts at Rock-n-Bowl and Walgreens Pharmacy.  (The free Walgreen's Christmas Eve concerts, which is sooo appropriately Yat and New Orleans, started after Katrina as a gift to the people of St. Bernard and the lower 9, who had nothing but a Walgreen's for a store.)  We are not telling anyone about this.  It will be just me, Sis #2, J, and Mom who know.  I cannot wait to see the look on my cousins' and other sisters' faces when they walk in and see FREAKIN" BENNY GRUNCH and the BUNCH sittin' in there, (we've invited them to have supper with us of course).  This is gonna be the best Yat rehearsal dinner eveah dawlin'!

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