Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm Sooo Bad!

Yeah, I've got no pics, but I went to a wedding tonight, (yup I'm slightly inebriated and posting), and there was a gay ball going on at the other side of the venue.  I went wandering and just happened upon the thing.  Who can resist a ball?  Who can resist fabulous Queens dressed in glitter and feathers?  So I gathered up a buddy and went exploring backstage.  We got thrown out on our third trip back stage, but wow!  The theme was Oz and let me tell you, Glenda the Good Witch was FABULOUS!!

We ended up talking some of the guys at the front door to let us in and we had the best time dancing with Glenda and her friends!  Okay, the wedding was nice, but being naughty and crashing a gay Oz themed bal' masque was the highlight of our night.  (Don't know why there was a bal' masque after Mardi Gras, but heck I can always use a little more MG in my life.)  I love this town!

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