Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Amped it up a bit.

Okay so losing two pounds in two months is not what I had in mind when I started this thing.  So with the holiday season out of the way, I decided it was time to concentrate a bit more on myself.  I've decided to amp up the workouts to fifteen minutes, do two glasses of water a day, do one veggie a day, (yes I'm that bad), and add one baked fish dinner a week to my diet.

Exercise:  I amped it up to fifteen minute sessions this week.  
Water:  Some days I did one glass, once I did no water, and some days I did two glasses.
Food:  Got lazy on this and didn't do anything weight conscious.
Confession:  I fell off of my 4.5 inch heels and busted my knees so there were only two workouts this week.  Knees are still a bit swollen, but much better today.
Congratulations:  Me and my bo-bo knees got on the orbital machine and worked out 15 min. yesterday.
Weight loss:  none @ -2 and holding


  1. I really, really recommend a good water filter. I never, ever used to drink water and now it is all I drink. (I do have milk and ginger ale sometimes.) Water has to taste good. Brita water filters used to be good but there are much better ones on the market now. Even if you buy some reverse osmosis water from the grocery store you will have a much easier time with the water.

  2. This is where abdominal exercise machines can help. One of the advantages of six pack training machines is to help beginners complete certain exercises that are important in the development of their abs.

  3. Don't worry Birdie, when we get a break in the bills, I'm going to start shopping. The water here hasn't been great quality, and then after Katrina, well it's been even worse.