Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Stress & Joy

I have not been good this week.  I've been bad and today, (Tuesday), I've been horrible.  In honor of me being horrible I've decided to add another component, the confessional.  Here's the rundown:

Exercise:  1 ten minute workout and two days of hauling dirt.

Water:  I actually did a bit better with this one.  I stuck to one or more glasses of water a day.

Food:  This week we celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary, little sis's birthday, and J's second birthday dinner.  I divided these dinners in half, but lets face it, this is New Orleans and if it isn't fried, it's got butter or sauce or it's fried with butter and has a sauce.  Tournedos au Poivre, pan seared red fish with browned butter and garlic,  roast beef po-boys and the damage is done.

Confession:  I cleaned out the pantry today.  I ate a bag of marshmallows, a pack of graham crackers, and then had yummy greasy pizza.  Bad Jude!  Bad!

Weight loss: gained 1/2 pound.


  1. Oh, we have all done days (or weeks) like this. Just keep drinking the water. :-)

  2. Well, I now have a UTI, lol. Looks like I'm going to be drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice this week.