Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Lent is coming up!

HA!  I love this; want!  Thank you!

I've been thinking that my weight loss plan isn't exactly moving along.  I'm at a negative two and holding; not exactly stellar progress for the amount of time I've put in on this project.  Then I realize, I live in the Greater New Orleans Area.  While the rest of the US has put away the decorations and the feasts from the holiday season, good ole New Orleans has another holiday to go.  I've had king cakes and out of town visitors to feed, and for every parade there is a party with more king cake, muffalettas, and the obligatory crockpot full of jambalaya which BTW is being replaced with Crawfish Monica (or so I'm seeing).  To make things worse, I've got a cousin who's husband has a cousin who's wife has a shop that sells the most fablous pralines ever and every year we are invited over there to catch parades.  God bless her, I swear J has made the best pralines, (and cupcakes too), that I have ever tasted, and so I can't resist, (okay won't resist because that would be plain old stupid.)  Tomorrow night will be another set of parades, (it's gonna rain tonight so we're skipping that), and Popeye's chicken picnic on the neutral ground while waiting on the  parade.  What's a girl to do?  Hold out 'till Lent.

Exercise:  Still moving dirt, lol.  Eight wheelbarrows full a day and yet the dirt pile is still as high as my car.
Water:  Been a good girl.
Food:  When going out I'm still cutting my portions in half, but not doing so well on the home front.
Confession:  I've been hitting the Sugar Smacks cereal at night.
Congratulations:  One skirt and pair of pants felt a little loose.
Weight loss:  -2 and holding...


  1. You just keep at it. It'll come around and start paying off. Don't get into the guilt thing when you do naughty things like eat Sugar Smacks. haha.

    I sure wish I was there to see the parades and take in the sights. I can't wait till I finally am able to make my way down there!!!

  2. Thanks Angry Squaw! If you ever head over here, you'll have to let me know so we could meet and have a beer, or in my case absinthe, (or a coffee if you're not into alcohol)! : )