Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weight loss Wednesday: UTI

Losing weight will not improve your self-worth. 
So here is another week of basically nothing happening.  I got sick, had a fever and hosted a lunch with my cousins, sister, nieces, and all the spouses.  The cleaning marathon that ensued would have lost me a pound or two except that my bladder was so painful that my sister came over and cleaned instead, (bless her a million times).  She may have lost a couple of pounds but that doesn't count.

Water: Oh lawd I have been on water and cranberry juice until I could just scream so let's just say yeah, I've been keeping up with that one.

Exercise:  Uh uh, no way.  I couldn't walk upright let alone bounce about.

Confession:  There hasn't been a day without a left over oyster po-boy, shrimp po-boy or Olive Garden pasta waiting for me in the fridge this week.   (Okay and we had another king cake, but you can't have out of town guests during Carnival season and not feed them king cake.)

Weight loss: No loss, but no gain, then again, I'm full of water and cranberry juice so I wouldn't know.

Please note that I fully expect


  1. You could market the sign on the scale. Seriously.

  2. Thank you Birdie, but I can't claim this one. It's from my pinterest inspiration board. : )