Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Sick Drama Queen

I HATE being sick.  Hate it.  I am told that there are people who like being sick.  I imagine those are the people whose parents made it pleasant while being sick.  My parents made being sick a living hell.  Between the humiliating home remedies from my mother who believed less medicine is better, (she was an RN), and my father's fear that we were going to die if our big toe touched the floor, it's no wonder I hate being sick.

So here I lay, fever of 102F, a painful UTI, and I'm sort of regretting my "I'm sick ground rules."  Basically they are 1. LEAVE ME ALONE. and 2. See rule number one.  Despite the rules, I'm miffed J hasn't come to check on me.  To be fair, J knows I like to be left alone, but the drama queen in me makes up scenarios where I am so sick I end up in the ICU with J sobbing in the waiting room wailing, "If only I'd checked on her more often!"  Okay I guess I'm gonna yell for J to bring me some water and a couple Tylenol, pout, whine, and show off the thermometer reading to prove I'm deathly ill and then tell him to go away.  I tell my loved ones to keep away, but the drama queen in me still secretly wishes for the attention.  Lol I'm such a baby.

PS. Did I mention that it's the first good parade weekend and I'm missing my Krewe du Vieux.  SIGH.

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